Checking out as a first time registered CenPOS user

To check out as a first time registered user:

  1. On the Shopping Cart page, click Checkout. The Checkout page is displayed.
  2. In the Contact Information section, verify your contact information. Make changes, if necessary.
    • If you are a consumer that is not a business, do not change the requested shipping date or specify a purchase order number.
    • If you are a registered business-to-business user, you can accept the default shipping date or set it to a day in the future. You can also specify a purchase order number, if necessary.
  3. Select Pay by credit card. The Credit Card Account section is displayed.
  4. Specify this information:
    Login Email
    Your user account email is the default Login Email. The email address must be unique within Storefront. Specifying the Login Email is required only once and is saved for subsequent shopping interactions.
    Specify a password. You must specify a password to continue with the order. The password is saved for subsequent shopping interactions.
  5. Click Submit in the Credit Card Account section.
  6. In the Address Information section, if your billing address is the same as your shipping address, click Copy Billing Address to specify the shipping address.
  7. Click Continue. The Storefront Commerce Payment Panel is displayed in Add New Card mode.
  8. Specify your credit card information. A first time user must specify at least one valid credit card.
    If your credit card billing address differs from your billing address, select the The credit card address differs from the billing address check box to display credit card billing address fields.
    Note: Depending on system setup, registered B2B order entry users' payment method may be on account, by credit card, or both. You may need to select the Pay by credit card option to display the Payment Information section for use. If this option is not displayed, your payment method is always on account, in which case payment information is not required here.
  9. Specify the Card Verification Value or CVV code. The CVV code is not stored by CenPOS and must be specified at each checkout.
  10. Click Submit. The Storefront Commerce Payment Panel in Card List mode is displayed. You can add an additional credit card, modify a credit card, or delete a credit card in the list. See Working with credit cards for additional information.
  11. Select a credit card from the list and click Apply. The Payment Panel is displayed in Payment Mode.
  12. Specify the Card Verification Value or CVV code.
  13. Click Submit. A Storefront Order Confirmation screen is displayed. The payment card is submitted to CenPOS. A credit card authorization is combined with the Storefront Order and submitted to the ERP for processing.
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