Requesting a wholesale account

Request a wholesale account if you need to enter orders for your company or on behalf of corporate groups or ship-to groups. Your request is sent to the website administrator, who can approve your information and complete account setup.

To request a wholesale account:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the page, click Sign In. The Sign In/Register page is displayed.
  2. In the Request Wholesale Account section, click Request.
  3. Specify your company address and this information:
    Specify your first name and last name.
    Optionally, you can specify your position in your company.
    email Address
    Specify your company email address. Your account confirmation and sign-in information will be sent to this address. Depending on system setup, order confirmations may be sent to this address.
    Company Name
    Specify your company’s name.
    Specify your company phone number.
    Specify your company fax number.
    Password Reminder Question
    Specify a question you can answer to secure your password if forgotten.
    Password Reminder Answer
    Specify the answer to your password question.
    Specify any comments to leave for the website administrator.
  4. Click Request. Your information is sent to the website administrator, who will contact you after your account is created.
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