Selecting a ship-to location

After sign-in, registered users who are set up to place orders for multiple ship-to locations must select a shipping address to use for the order session.

You can change the shipping address at any time during order entry. If you change the shipping address, items may be removed from the cart, shopping lists, specials lists and wish lists. Any remaining items in your cart will go to the new address. All items are subject to price and availability changes based on the new shipping address.

To select a ship-to location:

  1. On the Shipping Addresses page, click the number of the shipping address to use for this order. An asterisk is added next to your selected shipping address, the Shipping Addresses page is closed, and the selected shipping address is displayed in the User Session section.
  2. To change the ship-to location, click Shipping Addresses in the My Account section. The Shipping Addresses page is displayed. To locate the shipping address, specify the address in the Search Criteria section, and click Search. Click a different shipping address.
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