Working with approved orders

If you are set up to have your orders reviewed for budget or spending limits, and you have orders that are approved but have not been submitted, the Approved Orders option is shown in the Approvals section. Use Approved Orders to see how many of your orders are approved. After an order is approved, you receive an email that indicates that the order is approved. You can review your approved orders and submit, cancel, or delete them.

To work with an approved order:

  1. In the Approvals section, select Approved Orders.
  2. From here, you can delete an order or select an order.
    • To delete an approved order, select the check box next to that order and click Delete.
    • To work with an approved order, click the order date. The order is displayed on the Checkout page, where you can perform one of these tasks:
      • To submit the order, click Submit Order. The order is submitted and is not reviewed again.
      • To keep the order in the online store with an Approved status, click Cancel. To view the order at a later time, select Approved Orders.