Working with declined orders

If you are set up to have your orders reviewed for budget or spending limit requirements, an Approvals section is displayed in the online store. In this section, a Declined Orders option shows how many of your orders were declined. Each time an order is declined, you receive an email notification. You can review your declined orders and change, submit, or delete them.

To work with a declined order:

  1. In the Approvals section, click Declined Orders. A list of all declined orders and comments about why the orders were declined is displayed.
  2. From here, you can delete an order or select an order.
    • To delete a declined order, select the check box next to that order. Click Delete.
    • To work with a declined order, click the order date. The order is displayed on the Checkout page where you can perform one of these tasks:
      • To submit the order again without making changes, click Submit Order. The order is submitted and will be reviewed again.
      • To make changes to the order, click the shopping cart icon. The shopping cart is displayed, where you can make necessary changes and then check out to submit the order again.
      • To save the order with a declined status and cancel changes you made to the order, click Clear from the Shopping Cart page or Cancel from the Checkout page. The declined order is not deleted. You can select Declined Orders from the Approvals section to open the order at any time.