Ordering items from the online catalog

The online catalog includes products and product information that may not be provided in your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) order entry system. For example, vendor non-stock items can be included in the online catalog.

As a customer service representative, you can access the online catalog from within your order entry system as you are placing an order, to find additional available items for a customer.

To order items from the online catalog:

  1. Start the order in your ERP order entry system.
  2. Access the online catalog. The Browse page is displayed.
  3. Browse or search to find items to order.
  4. Add items to the shopping cart from your browse or search results. You also can add items to the cart using the Order Pad, item detail pages, or the Specials page if specials are available.
  5. Specify the quantity and add the items to your shopping cart. Depending on system configurations either:
    • Your item is added to the shopping cart and you can continue shopping or checkout.
    • The Shopping Cart page is displayed and your item is added.
  6. Click Submit. The items are added to the order in the ERP order entry system, where you can complete the order process.
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