Viewing open invoices

Use the Open Invoices page to view a list of open invoices. The open invoices are displayed based on their age date starting with the invoice that is due first. Only invoices with the same currency as the currency that you specified in your user session are included.

To view an open invoice:

  1. In the My Account section, click Open Invoices .
  2. Specify any search criteria such as the invoice number, created date, or age date for the invoices that you want to view, and click Search. The open invoices that meet your search criteria are displayed. To view invoices for a different currency, click Home, change the currency, and click Open Invoices, and specify your search criteria again.
  3. To view details for a specific invoice, click its associated invoice number. The Open Invoice Details screen is displayed.
  4. To view details for the order that is associated with the selected invoice, click the order number.
  5. To request a copy of any invoice, select the invoices and click Email. An email is sent to the CSR with an account listing all of the invoice numbers that need to be mailed out. The CSR can email copies of the invoices requested. This is for B2B customers only.
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