Paying invoices

Use the Open Invoices page to view a list of open invoices or to select the invoices that you want to pay. The paid invoices are displayed based on their age date starting with the oldest invoice. Only invoices with the same currency as the currency that you specified in this session are included. When you pay an invoice, you must pay the total amount of the invoice with a credit card. Whether or not you have access to pay invoices is determined by your account permissions.

To pay an invoice:

  1. In the My Account section, click Open Invoices .
  2. Specify any search criteria for the invoices that you want to pay, and click Search. The open invoices that meet your search criteria are displayed. To view invoices for a different currency, click Home, and change the currency.
  3. Select the check box in the Payment column next to each invoice that you want to pay. To select invoices that are displayed on different pages, use the page navigation to display additional invoices. To view the list of invoices in a different order, click the column heading of the column on which to sort. When you select each invoice that you want to pay, the total amount of the selected invoices is shown.
  4. After you select the invoices that you want to pay, click Payment Checkout. The Payment Checkout page is displayed, which shows the invoice details for the selected invoices. The total of the invoices that you selected for payment is also displayed.
  5. Specify your credit card and billing information. Before you continue, ensure that the details on this page are correct.
  6. To cancel or submit the payment:
    • To cancel the payment, click Cancel. The payment is not submitted and the Open Invoices page is displayed. No invoices are selected.
    • To submit the payment, click Submit Payment.

      If the credit card is accepted, the Payment Confirmation page is displayed. Write down the payment confirmation number or use the Print Screen key to print the page for your records.

      If the credit card is declined, specify the credit card information again and click Submit Payment. To not make the payment, click Cancel.

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